Always wanted to know what your colleagues earn?

FelloWage is a privacy-focused tool that you can use to view other’s wages and share your own.
Additionally, you can take a peek at other companies around the world and discover the salaries there!
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Keep your data anonymous

To keep your privacy safe, I make it impossible for others to connect your wage entry with your account. Even a website operator, with direct access to the database, can’t see who is the owner of your salary entry.
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Up-to-date and Data removal

To keep wage entries as up-to-date as possible, I made it easy to update your salary, and you’re going to get a reminder every half a year. Also, you can always delete your wage entry if you no longer want to share it.
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See other companies’ salaries

Curious about salaries at different companies? About to enter negotiations for your next gig? In FelloWage, you can search for any company and location and browse their wages.
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Subscribe for new entries and updates

If you are particularly interested in this or that company, you can ask me to notify you every time wages get added, changed, or removed, given your custom job title filter. This is done with a click of a single button!